Let's Talk Self Care

I'd like to start off this post by first stating the obvious - I am by no means a health care professional nor am I an expert in the field of mental health! I am just a person who happens to be living through a national lockdown, perhaps a bit like yourself. 

Now as I have spent the past year coming in and out of lockdowns, I've managed to learn a thing or two about self care and in particular how to look after yourself when you're having a rough day. 

I've written a little list of some tips that have helped me this past year, maybe they'll help you too! So lets get started... 

1. One Day At A Time - This is perhaps the most useful trick I can offer you. If you happen to find yourself feeling utterly overwhelmed by the months ahead, seeing it as a mountain that's yet to be climbed, try instead taking a step back and embracing each new day as a small hurdle that will bring with it its ups and downs. It is far easier to manage a day at a time rather than worry about the next week, month or year. 

2. A Walk A Day - I won't lie to you, I find this one difficult. The January weather definitely makes a daily walk a hard task to accomplish, however, I can confirm that the days that I do manage to get outside and endure the wind, rain, sleet, snow, fog, mist or mud are the ones where I feel the most motivated and accomplished. Please take care to follow government guidelines whilst out and about folks!

3. Something Just For You - Now this tip can be reversed if all you find yourself doing is filling the day with activities you enjoy (which does actually get boring after a while unfortunately). If you are in the category of people who find themselves running around all day spending your time and energy on everyone but yourself, remember to take a moment that's just for you. Whether it be a bath, skin care routine, calling a loved one or reading a book - if it's for you then do it! 

Finding that all you're doing is things for yourself and getting rather burnt out? Is there someone in your family or community who could really do with some support right now? Perhaps a phone call to your elderly relative would make them feel less alone or a there is a local charity in need of some essential items or donations. Little acts of kindness will do good for you and those around you. 

I could go on and on but you get the idea here. Self care isn't all about bubble baths and drinking tea, it's about doing what is best for you to ensure you aren't feeling too overwhelmed or stressed. This is a confusing time and your feelings are valid!

And remember... 

Take care everyone and thank you for reading - Sarah 

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